Daily Dog Excercise

Dogs of all sizes and breeds require daily exercise but the healthy gundog or terrier, to take an example, is capable of walking many more miles than its owner.

Walks take up a great deal of the dog owner’s time but they have the advantage that they get the dogs away from grassland and on to the hard roads, which are good for limbs, pasterns, and feet. Grass is not as good as solid ground if dogs are only excercised on grass it can induce flat feet and slack pasterns and prevents proper muscular development.

Hard, rough tracks are best where available. Very few bad feet and pasterns are seen among cattle, dogs and the like on the hills. Those who live near the coast, where hard, flat sandy stretches are available at low tide, are fortunate. Today, the bicycle with a string of dogs following it along a rough country road is a thing of the past and would certainly be a poor insurance risk.

IMG_4311.JPG1Although an occasional gallop may do no harm, especially to greyhounds and the gundogs, walking on a lead is usually the better method in dogs preparing for exhibition. It produces firm muscle without overloading the shoulders, and is particularly valuable for strengthening forearms and second thighs. It keeps elbows tight and in place and, in addition, it lessens the likelihood of accidental injury.

Every kennel should have some means of weighing the dogs, to determine the weight at which every dog in the kennel is at its optimum degree of fitness; a little adjustment of the rations will keep it at that weight.

But for the individual pet owner with one or two dogs 1 hour excercise a day is a good start. Even older dogs need excercise just be sensible. Possibly a bit shorter and a bit slower but they still need to get out to get their blood pumping and their muscles moving.


Refrain from converting the dog’s interior into a medicine chest since animals that are properly cared for, fed, and exercised, dogs need very little medicine, except in states of emergency, apart from worming, other parasite control and  vaccination against all the diseases to which they may become susceptible in later life as the result of infection. All these vasccinations against diseases can now be combined in a single injection.

When health problems arise with your dog please speak to one of our nurses during business hours. They will be very happy to help you with what ever problem your dog might have and if a visit to the vet is needed they can make you an appointment Click here for more information