Pet Insurance

Pet insurance Dog
Perhaps this treatment will be a one-off’’ problem. Broken bones after a road
traffic accident or it may equally be an ongoing problem like diabetes, a skin
allergy or arthritis. As medical and surgical treatments become more advanced, the costs of first class veterinary care is high, and in some cases becomes a limiting factor. This can be a heart wrenching position to be in.
For a fraction of the cost of feeding your pet it is possible to insure them against accident,illness and injury. If your pet falls ill or sustains an injury, you will have pëace of mind knowing that cost is not an issue and won’t get in
the way of treating your best friend. You will be able to recover all costs (minus your excess) by asking us to complete a claims form for your Pet Insurance. Unlike many veterinary surgeries, we do not charge for this service.

Why is Pet Insurance so high?

Did you know that..

Only 24% of us claim on our car insurance
Only 17% of us claim on house insurance
BUT 40% of us claim on our pet insurance
AND 60%of us claim on our pet insurance for pets over the age of 10Yrs
Selecting a policy…
Take care — they come in all shapes and sizes! Be aware that some policies will only cover an illness for 12 months while others provide
life long cover for ongoing conditions.Make sure that the policy suits your animal’s breed and type i.e. family pet, breeding,working or agility. It must also suit your budget (choose what aspects you really need,unwanted extras just add to the cost). Some of the cover offered includes:Veterinary fees
Third party liability,Kennelling in case of emergency,Advertising and reward in case of loss and Holiday cancellation etc.
Familypet Vet Cormandel Valley ( close to Blackwood) now offers
4 weeks FREE insurance for Both Dogs and Cats
Pet Insurance Cat
with no obligations they will email you onces and phone you once.You will be offered the option of a continuation policy.