Puppy Preschool

 Puppy preschool for your puppy at Familypet Vet goes for 4 weeks. 1 hour a week.

familypetvet.puppypreschool graduation3.15

Graduation March 2015

Michelle and Natasha are our dedicated nurses who are going to help you get a grip on this new puppy of yours.

Puppy preschool is for the whole family so please bring the children.

Ring us now and book your spot. We can only take a limited amount of puppies for each block of the puppy preschool in Coromandel Valley.

Call Familypet Vet Coromandel Valley 08 83703500

Our Aim at  our puppy preschool :

  1. To socialise your puppy and make them a well behaved dog for life. Your puppy will learns how to cope with people, noises, other dogs and new stimuli early in life.
  2. To train your puppy and you and your family in basic obedience training.”sit”, “come”, “stay”.
  3. To provide you with all the information you will need to make your puppy a well behave and healthy dog?
  4. To have you puppy enjoy coming to the veterinary clinic and to make their visits enjoyable for both your dog and you.

What do we do at puppy preschool

Puppy preschool classes will be arranged when we have groups of 4-6 puppies aged between 8 and 16 weeks.

During the 4 weeks of classes we socialise your puppy with other puppies so they can interact with other people and puppies of all sizes without fear or aggression.

Your puppy must have had their FIRST VACCINATIONS before they can be enrolled for their puppy preschool.

Classes are held at our Coromandal Clinic,

some in the evening after consulting is finished and

some on Saturday afternoon.

Michelle or Natasha will be on hand to instruct and assist you and your puppy with each class.

We  strongly encourage all family members to attend if possible, as we feel that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in the consistent approach to the puppy’s training.

You will need to bring your puppy with a collar and lead to puppy preschool. If you don’t have one you can purchase them at the clinic. We have got a great selection of collars and leads.

Please DO NOT feed your puppy  2 hours before class.

What will you and your puppy learn at puppy preschool


  • Introduction
  • Activities: Play session, Getting acquainted “Come”, “Sit” (Rewards)
  • Discussion: Training methods, Handling; especially feet, ears, mouth & tail. Nutrition (Rewards)
  • Play & Question time.


  • Activities: Review session One. Repeat commands. Play session; “Down”, “No”. (Rewards)
  • Discussion: Dental Hygiene and Grooming. Dominance: jumping, feeding, agression etc.
  • Play & Question time.


  • Activities: Play session: Repeat previous commands. “Heel”, “Stay”, “Wait” (Rewards)
  • “Pass the puppy”, handling & minor restraint.
  • Discussion: Heartworm, Fleas and other parasites.
  • Play & Question time.


  • Activities: Play session; Practice exercises/commands. (Rewards)
  • Discussion: New sensations, noises and more things to try.
  • Desexing, Microchipping and common puppy hazards.
  • Play & Question time.



You and the rest of your family will be expected to do short daily training sessions at home with your puppy so you are ready for the next challenge, each week you are expected to practise the commands with your puppy that you learned at puppy preschool.

Just remember, no longer than 3 minutes each time. Always finish with something your puppy does well.

The key is