The secrets to successful dog breeding



The number one requirement is a healthy dog and a healthy bitch. Make sure they have both had regular heatlh checks with Familypet Vet.

Prior to mating you need to have the bitch checked for possible infections and get an idea where she is in her cycle.

All good breeders know that you should start of right to get the best results.


1A vaginal culture and cytology test is recommended if it is not the first mating. To make sure there are no unwanted bacteria that will complicated the pregnancy.

2 A progesterone blood test is done to see were we are in your bitches cycle. It is a proven fact that you can vastly improve your chances of your bitch getting pregnant, staying pregnant and having a large litter if you do regular progesterone blood tests. Then follow your vets advice and mate the bitch at the time indicated by the progesterone test. Behavioural signs of heat are not reliable they are close but not as accurate as the progesterone blood test.

3 After mating make sure you book in for your progesterone test once a week to make sure the progesterone stays high. There have been several case studies that abortions and mummifications might be connected with a progesterone level that drops during pregnancy. If the vet gives an extra dose of progesterone when needed the likely hood of the pregnancy continuing are very good


4 if you are breeding a dog that is very likely to need a caesarean then the progesterone test can accurately predict when we can safely do the caesarean.

At Familypet Vet we are proud to announce that the only in house progesterone machine

In the Adelaide Hills and for the southern suburbs will be up and running in Familypet Vet Coromandel Valley from the end of May 2015.


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