Welcoming your new Pet Home,how Familypet Vet can help

Familypet vet Coromandel Valley Team

Bringing in a new pet in to your new home is exciting but Familypet vet in Coromandel Valley near blackwood in the Adelaide Hills suggests making it a slow and progressive adjustment. While excitement may win for the family, it can be an equally fearful event for the pet. If there are babies in the home, it is wise to bring a baby blanket or bear the baby has for your new pet to sniff and understand the presence of the scent in the home. Maintain a leash on your new dog when introducing them to family members, allowing your new dog to sniff. Familypet vet in Coromandel Valley  will suggest corrections to handle these moments of uncertainty. At Familypet Vet we are strong believers in Positive Training. Please come in and introduce your new puppy to us and we can help you with all you need from day one.

Familypet vet in Coromandel Valley advises to avoid allowing screams of delight to welcome the pet, as this can create anxiety. Preferred suggestions are making the meeting simple and immediately show the new pet their toilet area. The next area of familiarly should be sleeping arrangements for your new dog. Cats tend to find their specific sleeping spots and may prefer hidden areas of the home until they feel adjusted.

Taking your Pet To Familypet Vet Coromandel Valley For Introduction. FREE NEW PET CHECK

vet BlackwoodOnce your new pet becomes adjusted to your home, please make an appointment to introduce your new pet  to our lovely team members at Familypet Vet in Coromandel Valley. This allows the clinic to become familiar with your new pet, and we can determine if any immediate immunizations or procedures that might be necessary and it is FREE.

Kittens and puppies, Familypet vet Coromandel Valley will help you every step of the way to make decisions about feeding and health care while your new pet is growing up.

For new puppies and adult dogs, Familypet vet in Coromandel valley can determine what exercises is needed for your pet. Exercise is a fundamental part of bonding between your pet and their new family. All dog breeds should become adjusted to exercising and owners must understand the requirement for a healthy pet.

Familypet Vet Coromandel Valley Your New pets Vet For Life

Pets are known for bringing a lifetime of happiness to owners and their families, something Familypet vet encourages. Once the pet has been introduced to their new vet and the family, continue to bond with the pet. Pets want the bathing of love and kindness from their new family. Once the family and pet has come together, it is time to allow your pet to meet new friends.

Familypet Vet advises cats are more known for possession of property and area. If introducing a new cats to another, be sure to monitor closely and speak to our friendly staff at Familypet vet regarding how to progress in the proper way to avoid fights. Dogs are more accustomed to getting introduced into a pack and acknowledge pack leaders. Visiting a dog park is an ideal spot for the dog to connect with new friends and explore the area. Much like children, dogs want friends and connections, speak to Familypet Vet Coromandel Valley on how to ingrate the dog confidentiality in new situations.