Why Choose Us

Coromandel Veterinary Centre-Familypet Vet



As  tempting as it is to talk about our credentials and years of experience. And while we know that is important to you.

We know that what’s most important to YOU are not our qualifications.

What you need to knowing is 3 things:

  1. Your pet will ALWAYS be nurtured in our care
  2. We recognise your needs and expectations
  3. We’ll do our utmost to ensure your pet is healthy and happy

As pet lovers and owners ourselves, it’s the little things we do for you and your pet that demonstrate we care.

We call them our “5 Points of Commitment”. Here they are:

  1. To ensure you feel welcome – and most importantly so does your pet – upon arrival you’ll be greeted by the smiling faces of our reception staff. Our nurses will spend time with you… and make a fuss of your pet to ensure it feels calm and safe.
  2. We’re committed to being available to you and your pet day or night. It’s why we have an after hours service for you to phone. Whether it’s midnight or Sunday afternoon, a vet is always available to see you.
  3. We know how stressful it is when your pet suddenly requires urgent veterinary attention. It’s why in emergencies you don’t wait for an appointment – we fit you in on the day of the call. For serious situations you cut the line so your pet gets immediate medical attention.
  4. We’re committed to giving you a full range of options… and then working through them one at a time until we arrive at the option you’re happiest with. You won’t be pressured into making any decision or choosing a particular treatment. Instead, you’ll learn all the options available, including the pros, the cons and cost of each option. We then agree on which option best suits you and your pet.
  5. We’re committed to keeping your pet happy and relaxed. From the treats we give your pet on arrival… to speaking your pet’s name in a soft tone, it’s all about making it a stress free experience.

If you are one of our longstanding clients you will know that we are working hard towards these commitiments. If you haven’t been to us before. You are always welcome to come in and have a chat with our nurses. If you just got a new pet. Please take us up on our FREE NEW PET CHECK

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